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A Mom Who Just Can’t Say “No”

I always dreamed of being a mom and having a big family. It was a priority in my life…so much so that I took a job that allowed me to work from home. I have a supportive spouse and found joy in my life every day.


But over time, I became concerned about my weight and the extra pounds I seemed to put on. I’ve always put my family first, but neglecting my own well-being had left me overweight and sluggish. Not only had my health deteriorated, but I also became concerned about the example I was setting for my two daughters and my son.


Daily Routine

My life is probably similar to a lot of work-from-home moms.


Before I go to bed each night, I pack lunches for my kids, just like hundreds of other moms. But somehow, more of the food seems to end up in my mouth instead of in their lunch bags.


My mornings begin by coaxing my children out of bed with promises and threats. (“If you get up now, you can have an extra 30 minutes on the computer tonight” or “If you stay in bed, you’ll have to go to school in your pajamas!”).


I rush to make them breakfast, but I actually skip this essential meal myself. I cater to every kid’s wish and end up cooking three different breakfasts. One wants eggs, one wants a waffle, and one needs help pouring the cereal and milk. I just don’t like to say “no” to them. I realize that skipping breakfast may be the cause of my overeating the rest of the day, but my kids come first.


After they’re out the door, I sit down at my computer just like thousands of other working moms. My friends believe working from home is easy, but actually, it causes me extra stress. My boss constantly calls me throughout the day and the conversation always starts with, “I know you’re working from home so you can handle this extra project…”


The stress causes me to eat and when I am anxious I find myself nibbling mindlessly and constantly. I’ll frequently find I’ve consumed a “value size” bag of chips all by myself without even noticing.


Then the kids come home from school and it is time for a healthy snack. I tend to give them fruit and string cheese. The trouble is:


I eat when I prepare the snack,

I eat when my kids eat the snack

and I eat when I put the snack away!


My kids snack and lunch 


The extra calories continue to mount up all day long.


While they do their homework, I focus on making dinner. Typically, the kids eat first and I sit with them while they recount their day. While they are talking, I find I am eating off their plates. A few hours later, my husband and I eat our own dinner. Double dinner, double trouble for my waistline.


The Joy of Motherhood

I enjoy being part of my children’s lives. I volunteer for pretty much every event from bake sales to school fairs. This frequently requires late nights making cupcakes for a fundraiser. Of course, the batter ends up in my mouth. Or I will organize other moms for Little League duty or schedule rides to assure each child has a way to and from their activities. I just don’t want to say “no.”


All this results in a serious lack of sleep. Studies reveal that sleep deprivation can lead to increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that seems to stimulate the appetite, and it seems like I am a living example of this behavior.[1],[2]


No wonder I grab a late-night munchie when I’m not actually hungry. When I’m stressed out or tired, it's very easy to forget that my hand reached into the cookie jar several times.


I’m exhausted when the next day begins all over again.


The Cause

In one way I am lucky since I know the cause of my weight gain. It simply comes from constant event planning, taking care of children, stress, lack of sleep, and, I’ll admit, a lack of consciousness and willpower at times. 


But when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, I hardly recognized myself with the 30 extra pounds I had put on in the last couple of years. I knew I needed to take action.


The Solution

I finally got up enough courage to talk to one of the other moms in my carpool group. She is fit and trim and never seems to worry about food.


She told me about Fitoru and how it helped her gain control of her poor eating habits. She raved about the three products that helped curb her appetite and reduced her cravings, all while giving her more energy.


The Beautiful Box of Hope

Fitoru was delivered right to my door in a box filled with three revolutionary natural supplements.


Customer image 


The team at Fitoru understands that just one product cannot solve a weight-loss problem. So, they created a mixture of ingredients in three unique items, bottled separately, that are designed to work together as the ultimate equation for weight loss.


  1. GREEN COFFEE BEAN for a supercharged metabolism boost.

The raw green coffee beans in this supplement contain a fat-busting compound called chlorogenic acid that helps ignite metabolism.


  1. ACAI CLEANSE for detoxification.

The powerful antioxidant, Acai, helps detoxify and remove excess waste from the body, cleanse vital organs, and improve digestion.


  1. GARCINIACAMBOGIA for fat burning and appetite control.

The exclusive blend of nutrients helps burn fat faster and more efficiently. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and helps block fat production from food to promote easier and faster weight loss.


For me, personally, the proprietary detox blend in Acai Cleanse was a lifesaver. My body had been filled with processed food and uncountable preservatives. These ingredients help bring my digestive tract back into balance.


Visible Results!

I’ve been using this three-pronged approach for just over a month now, and I am excited to see the stunning weight-loss results.

 Taking my Fitoru


My husband is amazed at the change in both my inward and outward appearance. I’ve gained back my self-esteem and recaptured my joy for life again.


Customer image


Yesterday, my son said, “Mom, you look extra pretty today.” My heart melted. I have no intention of stopping, and I cannot wait to meet my weight-loss goals.


A Final Word

I realize I may never learn to say “no” to the projects, needs, and wants of my family and friends. But now I know I can stay involved without the burden of gaining those extra pounds. Plus, I have increased energy that allows me to keep going and stay active and healthy.


Thank you, Fitoru! You helped me find my joy again.




How Fitoru Can Help you

Fitoru designs products in harmony with the latest health and wellness research from top scientists across the globe to bring you natural weight-loss nutraceuticals that work.

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