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A Multitude of Excuses No More!

From an outsider's perspective, it should be easy for a stay-at-home working mom to lose weight and stay fit.


But those of you who are just like me and in a position of caring for your family while working from home, know differently. Reading my story, you know just like I do, that losing weight is not that easy for a mom who telecommutes to her job and has the responsibility of managing a household.


Working from home while raising children is hectic and chaotic…and full of food temptation.


Top 7 List

Like many working moms, I had a multitude of reasons for gaining weight and dozens of excuses for not losing it.


I’m sure you have a similar list of explanations why weight loss is tough. I thought I would share my top seven excuses as to why losing weight while working from home was an endless struggle for me:


  1. I convinced myself that it was a sin to let food to go to waste, so I picked off my kid's plates and then I would still eat a full meal later.
  1. Working from home made me believe it was acceptable to stay in sweatpants or workout clothes all day. It became my favorite apparel with its elastic and expandable waistlines. And that is exactly what happened to my own body…expansion in all the wrong places.
  1. When making the kid’s lunches, I would sample everything from the baloney to the chips.
  1. The stress of trying to get all my work done during the day and still be present for my kids was overwhelming, and I found relief in snacking even when I wasn’t hungry. Food became one of the main pleasures of my life and unconscious eating became a favorite activity.
  1. I still have one toddler who has not started school. And during his naptime, when things were quiet, I found myself wandering over to the pantry and aimlessly grabbing something to munch on without any thought.
  1. I have a love of baking, so I would often prepare homemade sweets for afternoon snacks. Unfortunately, a warm plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies proved too strong a temptation for me to ignore.
  1. I played the victim and told myself that I was too busy being a good employee and mom to spare one hour a day for exercise.


If you can relate to any (or all) of these scenarios, then you understand the dilemma I was facing. I was stuck. I was miserable. And worse yet, I was making everyone around me who I cared about unhappy as well.


I needed to find some answers and get back on track. I needed to put an end to the despair of being overweight.


Losing 15 Pounds in One Month Was Amazing!

Then I found Fitoru.


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When I did some research, I learned that most of the people who’ve already lost weight with these products experienced results within the first week.


That is exactly what I needed…something to kickstart my weight-loss journey and provide motivation right from the start.


The Fitoru advanced science-based formulas accelerated my weight loss. Together, the three supplements helped me lose the extra pounds faster than any other weight-loss product I’d ever used (and believe me, I’ve tried them all!).


I never had to run to the store and ask the clerks embarrassing questions about weight-loss products. Everything I needed to know was right on the Fitoru website. And the three natural supplements arrived right to my doorstep in one beautifully packaged box.


Three Capsules of Hope

The three capsules work together to attack different areas that contribute to weight gain. The weight-loss capsules were not only easy-to-use and swallow, but they also had nearly instant results.


The Fitoru cutting-edge products working in synergy are:


  1. Green Coffee Extract—helps speed up metabolism.
  2. Garcinia Cambogia—supports blocking fat production and reduces appetite.
  3. Acai Cleanse—promotes detoxification in the body and improves digestion.


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When taken together, Fitoru supplements put me on the fast-track to a healthier, trimmer, and leaner body. These products worked together to provide me with the energy I needed to incorporate exercise and better eating habits into my daily routine.


Superior Quality Formulas

Based on my experience, I know that Fitoru will help transform your body and supercharge your weight loss with a combination of proprietary formulas.


Fitoru premiere products are top-of-the-line and of the highest quality. They feature herbal extracts, not just “whole herbs.”


Extracts are the most efficacious ingredients:


  • Standardized herbal extracts offer more potent and condensed active herbal ingredients.
  • There is “standardization” or consistency of the active ingredient from batch to batch.
  • Standardized herbs are guaranteed to have the effective components in a specific amount.
  • You always get the part of the herb that supplies the benefits of the herb when they are standardized.


When other companies use “whole herbs,” you never know how much of the active nutrient you are getting, so it will be “hit and miss” if it works. That’s why you always want to check out the label before you take a weight-loss product.


Remember, extracts optimize effectiveness!


Ultimate and Complete Satisfaction

Finally, I could get rid of my baggy sweatpants and put on form-fitting clothes with pride! My appetite was under control, I had fewer cravings, and I was more motivated than ever to keep up with my weight-loss plan.


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Most importantly, when I took Fitoru and saw the results for myself, I felt joy, inward satisfaction and to be honest, relief. I had finally found a company and a product that understood the challenge of shedding pounds and had a solution to help guide me on my weight-loss journey.


They even offer big discounts, which was a big reason why I initially decided to give Fitoru a try. 


If you are in a similar situation as I was and if you are looking to lose weight quickly and safely, you have nothing to lose by giving Fitoru a try.


Like me, you’ll be so happy you did!

How Fitoru Can Help you

Fitoru designs products in harmony with the latest health and wellness research from top scientists across the globe to bring you natural weight-loss nutraceuticals that work.

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