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Fitoru Got Me Beach Bod Ready!

Back when I convinced my boss to let me work from home, it felt like a dream come true. I could finally be with my kids and keep working!


I quickly realized that being a work-from-home mom and a sales manager left me with no time to eat healthy and work out. Between work and mom duties, my day never ends. Finding energy to work out was impossible. Plus, I was constantly craving junk food, and since I work at home, the kitchen is always accessible. Suddenly, my largest pair of pants felt too tight, and I knew something had to change. I felt awful about myself. 


Then my husband surprised me with tickets to Hawaii for our anniversary. At first, I was thrilled. But then I thought about how I’d look in a bathing suit, and this horrible feeling crept up. I didn’t want to spend the entire trip embarrassed about how I looked. That’s when I knew something had to change. I wanted to look back on the trip and remember feeling happy and confident. 




We had two months to get ready for our Hawaiian vacation. In the past, I would have gone on a crash diet, but this time, I wanted a sustainable solution.


After searching for the best products, I came across Fitoru. At first, I was skeptical. Other weight-loss supplements had left me feeling jittery and unlike myself. But this box contained three bottles filled with all-natural, plant-extracted compounds. The best ingredients for fat loss, energy, and detoxification all in one box. Or so the positive reviews claimed, along with assurances of no side effects.


When I saw the advertisement, I knew I had nothing to lose. I could try Fitoru Slimpack for a month with no risk. If I loved it, I could order it again. What an awesome deal, right? When the box arrived at my door a few days later, I was thrilled to get started.


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Here’s what came in my Fitoru Slimpack: 


Green Coffee Bean Extract

Açaí Cleanse

Garcinia Cambogia 


Plus, a stylish box to store all three bottles in. Any little extra bit of inspiration helps!




I take two capsules of Green Coffee, two capsules of Garcinia Cambogia, and two capsules of Açaí Cleanse 30 minutes before I eat breakfast. They have to be taken together to activate the synergistic effect of all the weight-loss compounds.


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Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Extract work to boost metabolism and block fat. Plus, they help with cravings too. Right away I noticed a difference in my hunger levels. After meals I simply didn’t think about food. I know this sounds crazy, but that alone is liberating. I no longer need to graze constantly while I work. And my energy is through the roof! But absolutely no jitters. I just felt like myself, but with more energy. After a few days, I decided to give the gym another try, and it felt amazing to work out. I’ve been going a few times a week since. 


The Açaí Cleanse helps my body detox. I feel lighter and have a pep in my step. 




It’s been three weeks since I started taking Fitoru, and I’m honestly so glad I tried it. My energy is up, I’m working out regularly, and even though I still have dessert once in a while, I’m not craving sweets as much. My clothes are starting to fit much better, and I’m seeing the definition coming back in my arms and stomach. 


I am about to order a second box so that I don’t have to skip any days on the program. The price makes it so worth it. 


I’m now really looking forward to our anniversary trip. I know I’m going to look and feel great on the beach. I’ll share a photo when I’m back!

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