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Fitoru Helped Me Lose the Baby Weight. Here’s How

I’ve never really had to think about my weight. I was lucky, I know. But everything changed when I had children. I gained close to 50 pounds after having both my kids. Even though I was overjoyed to be a mom, I didn’t recognize my body.


One day my sister and I were looking at pictures from a recent holiday, and I couldn’t stand how I looked. Seeing myself so unhealthy made me realize I wanted to be a better role model for my kids. I knew I had to make a change for myself, and for my family. 


My sister suggested I join a gym. The problem was, I had no time or energy to work out. As someone who runs a small recruitment agency from home, I’m constantly juggling meetings and phone calls. Plus, I’m taking care of my kids after school—so I’m “on” 24/7. The only time I can work out is after my husband gets home from work, and by then, I have zero energy. And honestly, I want to spend time with him, too!




It was my sister who suggested Fitoru. She’d heard about the weight-loss system from a friend and said it could be the jumpstart I needed to get healthy.


I checked out the product and saw the Fitoru Slimpack, with three bottles of the best weight-loss ingredients available. I read every single review, but got really excited about their offer. I could try Fitoru for a really affordable price! It was so straightforward, and I could cancel anytime. The fact that Fitoru is all natural and has no reported side effects sealed the deal. 


Within minutes I had placed my order, and three days later my slim box arrived! Next, was seeing if it could give me back my slim figure.




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Three natural weight-loss boosters came in my Fitoru Slimpack: 


Green Coffee Bean Extract

Açaí Cleanse

Garcinia Cambogia 




I set up my box of goodies in the kitchen so I’d see it first thing in the morning. I wasn’t sure what it would be like to take capsules every day, but it’s so easy. I take two from each bottle daily, and the combination makes me feel great. No more afternoon slump! The core ingredients in Fitoru are proven to be safe and effective—I feel good about that. 


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The first week, I reached out to Fitoru’s customer service to be sure I was taking it right, and they got back to me fast. They basically said there’s no wrong way to take these powerful compounds, as long as I have each at least 30 minutes before meals. I have to take at least one of each of them together to get the true synergistic effect. 


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The best part? I’ve been waking up early and going to the gym in the mornings before I start work. This is the kind of energy I had in my twenties, and it feels amazing. 


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I’m now on my third box—it’s only $59.99 but they have a deal if I buy a couple of months supply—and so much has changed. My body feels lighter and leaner, and I’m looking forward to shopping for new clothes—everything I own is too big now!


I also get emails from the Fitoru team with lifestyle tips to keep me motivated… I love those emails. They keep me excited about eating healthier and getting my morning workouts in. The other day my husband told me how great I look!


But what I love the most is that my kids are growing up with a mom who takes care of herself. I can’t wait to see how my body continues to change. If you need help with weight loss, Fitoru works. Trust me. 

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