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It’s My Wedding Day. I’m About To Tell My Husband A Big Secret.

Let me set the scene for you: It's my wedding day and I'm about to tell my husband a big secret. I'm already in my wedding dress, my hair and makeup all set and ready for my walk down the aisle. I pull out my phone and text my husband that I have something I need to tell him.


His mind goes to the worst-case scenario—have I gotten cold feet? Am I already married? Am I in a cult? Do I have a felony record?


Instead of telling him, I show him. I send him a picture of a girl, trying to hide behind a baggy sweatshirt, about 40 pounds overweight. That's me, just a year before we met.


My fiancé has always known me a certain way. Athletic, ambitious, full of energy. When we visited friends in Belize, I was the first to strip down to a bikini and egg him on to go cliff diving. When we went to Vegas, I showed up in the slinkiest bandage dress you'd even seen. I always seemed like the most confident girl in the room. Nothing ever screamed "former fat girl!" And I had every intention of keeping it that way… right up until our wedding day.


Las Vegas with friends 


Just a couple months before I met my fiancé, I'd been in a serious slump. I'd always been chubby, but a crazy work schedule, stress, and a bad stress-eating habit had me tipping the scales more than ever. I didn't want to date. I couldn't bear the thought of anyone ever seeing me in my underwear.


That’s when one night, I saw an ad for Fitoru.


I'll be honest, when I tried Fitoru, I wasn't expecting it to work. But I was having one of those sad nights alone and vulnerable and thought, "eh, why not?" It was a big deal. I paid a couple bucksand in three days, the Fitoru system arrived at my door.


I didn't know it yet, but that would be the first step to a brand new body and life.


The first thing I noticed was that Fitoru isn't just a bottle of pills. Fitoru is an exclusive three-part approach to weight loss using ingredients you've seen at your local natural food co-op.


Here's what came in my first box:


  • METABOLISM BOOSTER: Raw Green Coffee Bean extract with Chlorogenic Acid is a unique fat-busting compound that gets your metabolism ready to go.
  • DETOX CLEANSER: Acai antioxidants help remove excess waste for your body and vital organs gently while helping to improve digestion.
  • FAT BURNING & APPETITE CONTROL: A concentrated blend of Garcinia Cambogia with hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is an ultra-premium formula to get those pounds off fast.


What I didn't expect was Fitoru's commitment to my success. They checked in frequently with encouraging emails and advice for structuring my meals and exercise. I realized that Fitoru wasn't a get-thin-quick-scheme. I was losing weight fast, but the Fitoru system was about making a total change for a healthier body, more energetic outlook, and an altogether happier life.


Within months, I'd thrown away my old, sloppy fat clothes. I was already down several sizes and feeling more confident. I started wearing things that made me look and feel good. I was smiling and getting out more. It was one day after spin class, high off endorphins, that I decided it was time to see who's out there. I set up a dating profile.


I'm not even kidding, it was up for about 30 seconds before I heard the first message ping on my phone.


By Christmas, I was bringing my boyfriend home to meet my family. A year later, he got down on one knee and asked me to be the love of his life forever. He'd fallen in love with the pretty, spunky, energetic woman I'd become.


So here I am in my wedding dress, sending him a picture of the girl I used to be. I told him that when he married me, he was marrying all of me: my present self, my future self, and yes, even the fat girl I'd spent so much of my life trying to hide.


Wedding: Happy Fitoru Customer


But the truth is, I was always the thin, confident girl I am now. She was just hidden under a body that constantly betrayed her and made her feel unattractive and ashamed. I just needed the key to unlock my best self. I found that key when I tried Fitoru.


It's incredible that all of this started!


And now here I am, post honeymoon, reflecting on my journey and feeling like the most fortunate woman in the world.


My fiancé loves me the way I am. He wasn’t even phased by seeing the chubby girl I used to be. It felt amazing to walk down that aisle in the body I had always wanted. And when he finally saw me in my dress, I wasn’t wondering if I looked fat in it. I was just thinking about how happy I was to be living my best life with him.


You owe it to yourself to unlock your full weight-loss potential. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. ;)

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