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Post-Baby Mommy Makeover Must-Have

It has been over two years since I shamelessly flaunted my fit and fab physique in a pair of tummy-toning, head-turning skinnies.

After having my first baby a little over a year ago, I began finding it increasingly harder to shed the extra pounds. I was still in my 20s, I repeatedly told myself. Why isn’t everything snapping right back?

I couldn’t shake my frustration—or those midnight milkshake mishaps. Incidentally, I found myself quickly spiraling out of control. I couldn’t kick the cravings, the pounds kept piling on, and my once-devoted husband’s eye started to wander towards other women’s eye-catching curves. He’d never done this before—at least not so blatantly. I’ve never felt so hurt, insecure, or ashamed.

I wouldn’t wish this situation on my worst enemy. No really. I knew I had to do something. But, what?

Not only did I need to get my pre-baby body back, but my husband, too! Not to mention, I wanted to have all the energy in the world to keep up with my kiddie. And, I wanted more. Plus, I wanted to feel good again and wear all those cool-girl clothes I used to be able to wear without a second thought.

So, a friend of mine suggested this really cool and super-effective, “body booster in a box” from a really great, new company that is committed to bringing the best in health and wellness products straight to your door. No more shopping endlessly online or in-store for products that don’t work and needless money wasted on weight-loss gimmicks. Been there, done that. I’ve already tried everything on the market, and probably should own some serious stock in late-night infomercial fitness products. God knows I’ve tried them ALL.

The company? Fitoru—Fitness for You.

My friend claimed she had banished her brain fog, had energy through the roof, got her tummy toned, her tush tight, kicked her cravings to the curb, nixed the midnight noshing—all without side effects and with fast-acting, FDA-certified ingredients. A new mommy’s diet dream-come-true! The list of pros was seemingly endless. Well, at this point, what did I have to lose? Except flab and frustration. Sign me up!

Needless to say, I went to and easily navigated through the user-friendly, fitness-friendly site. It was a “site” for sore eyes, let me tell you.

For beginners, I ordered the Fitoru Slimpack Starter Kit! Regularly priced at like hundred dollars plus and I get it with huge discounts, this was a steal for someone like me. That’s, like, what? 60% OFF? That NEVER happens. Well, I hit PLACE MY ORDER.

Then, I feverishly waited.

I received my pre-ordered box from Fitoru just a few days later. First off, I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty packaging. So, female-forward, actually! It unmistakably resembled those beauty boxes I fervently order every month. The bright green and white hues were impressive and inviting. I couldn’t wait to tear it open and start trimming down!


Customer Image


My new “body booster in a box” contained three large-sized bottles.

The first one was the Green Coffee Bean Metabolism Boost infused with organic, premium-grade coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid for belly-busting, PLUS a body-boosting blend of nutrients and vitamins for super-sculpting results.

The next bottle in my box was the Acai Cleanse. This “body in a bottle” deluxe detoxing system is expertly imbued with antioxidant-rich acai extract to help eliminate waste and “un-gunk the junk,” if you will, that may be derailing one’s die-hard diet efforts. Proper flow of the pipes is key to weight-loss success. This was starting to sound better by the second. Admittedly, I started feeling like this was going to be the answer to skinny jeans dreams.

The third bottle was the Garcinia Cambogia, a fat-burning and appetite-control fitness essential with a supercharged infusion of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that helps block figure-fighting fats from the foods we crave. And, who can’t use a little helping hand in blocking the fats from that gooey, glorious grilled cheese sandwich? The proprietary, body-boosting blend is also power-packed with probiotics to support the immune system, plus a slew of vitamins, minerals, and “super “greens to fuel your fitness regimen, while providing well-balanced, vital nutrition. I am not so much a veggie lover, so knowing they’re in pill form, makes it that much easier to swallow!

So, here’s the skinny.

After just a day of taking the capsules, I immediately felt light on my feet. I had more energy to keep up with my little one, was actually motivated to run errands AND go for my after-dinner walks, and even had the desire to pursue my at-home business venture that I’ve been putting off for so long.

Suddenly, I felt confident, enthusiastic, and excited about the future. Where was this all coming from? But, it didn’t stop there. My super-crazy sugar cravings subsided. Even better? I started craving “healthy” foods, like raw nuts and macadamia butter slathered on whole grain, sunflower seed-made crackers. Yum! I even started to like salmon and brown rice.

I looked forward to making healthy meals at home with my family. This whole fitness thing was starting to become fun and something I looked forward to, especially the meal planning and the gym-going.

Yes, I started lifting weights for the first time ever. I had always shied away from pumping iron, falsely believing it would “bulk” me up as a result. But the fitness pros and guidance counselors at Fitoru schooled me on the benefits of the bar bells. Unbeknownst to me, the more muscle I built, the more fat I burned. It was like building my body’s own personal fat-blasting furnace. I started seeing definition and lines where I never did before. I was sculpting my body! The more of a sculpted, svelte figure that was coming into focus, the more pumped I got. It was a snowball effect—but in a really, really great way!

And, it’s no wonder. Each bottle in the soon-to-be cult fave Fitoru packages is made with premium-grade, 100% natural, GMO- and chemical-free ingredient sources from the purest, most potent, vital plants on the planet and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility that exceeds the highest of industry standards—always!  And, everything is GMO and CSI-certified, FDA-registered, and produced and packaged in the good, ‘ole USA.

How’s my life looking these days? I never thought I’d be well on my way to a sexy size 4 again and able to successfully squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. But, I am!


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Thanks, Fitoru, for getting me back on the health and wellness track and inspiring me to adopt a well-balanced, healthy, and nutritional lifestyle—for life! I’m ditching the diets and forgetting the get-fit-fast fads. No more shortcuts. I now have a well-rounded health and wellness regimen I can sustain for life. And, a husband who is chasing me around the kitchen table again!

Here’s to being fit, fab, and fun to be around!

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