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Women Are Adding $9,000 to Their Paychecks with This One Trick

I'd always suspected that I was making less than some of my co-workers. It wasn't like we discussed our salaries, but there are little tells. Like when they suggested we all go to an expensive lunch spot right before payday. Or when they'd constantly show up in new shoes or with designer handbags, their hair fresh from a color and blow-out.


At first, I felt ashamed…was I mismanaging my money? Was I not good enough to deserve a raise?


That "ah-ha!" moment finally came one day when I was talking to another colleague. I noticed that she didn't go to the expensive lunches either. And she didn't seem to have the same splurging lifestyle as some of my other co-workers. She confided in me that "it's a real struggle making it work with what we make." She had gone to a top tier school. Her resume was great. She'd been with the company three years longer than I had.


That's when it hit me: she and I were both overweight. Was it possible that something as silly as our WEIGHT was undermining our paychecks? We work in an office, not a runway! But I looked around the company and sure enough, the girls with a couple extra pounds were the ones driving older cars, taking more modest vacations, and leading less extravagant lives.


It sounds impossible, but it's true: a 2011 study concluded that overweight women earn, on average, $9,000 less than their average weight colleagues. Ready to get even more blown away? The study says very thin women actually make up to $22,000 more than average weight women. (You probably already guessed this, but men? They get a pass for a few extra pounds.)


I knew I couldn't change the system, but I could change my weight. I'd seen ads  of Fitoru and figured that I had nothing to lose. (Since I was already making 9 grand less, special deals and discounts was sounding better and better!)


A couple days later, a box showed up with the Fitoru system. Rather than those corny "diet pills," Fitoru's all-natural ingredients use a three-pronged approach to weight loss that made me feel refreshed, but not jittery and irritated.


  • The first supplement is a Metabolism Boost with Green Coffee Bean. The raw coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which starts up your metabolism's engine, getting you primed and ready to start burning calories.
  • The second is a Detox Cleanse with Acai's natural antioxidants. Not only does this one flush out all the bad stuff from your organs and waste system, but it helps with your digestion.
  • Third is a Fat Burning & Appetite Control formula to get you in fat-burning mode and keep more fat from being stored. The magic ingredient is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in Garcinia Cambogia that helps to curb appetite and gives an extra boost to fat burning.


But does it work?

Yes! I didn't expect it to work as fast as it did! Within the first week, I was losing close to 10 pounds. I’m sure much of that was water weight, as they say, but I'd barely even begun working out. I kept at it, hitting the gym after work, eating healthy, and taking Fitoru every day.


Fitoru Customer Image


The pounds kept falling off. I was energized, but not jittery. I slept well every night, excited to get up and hit the gym in the morning. I loved the workout advice and healthy eating tips Fitoru sent me. They weren’t just happy to sell me the Fitoru system—they were committed and invested in my long-term success and healthy living lifestyle change.


It was a couple months later that a friend of mine sent me a job posting with her company. I had years of experience and I seemed like a perfect fit. I aced the interview, met with the VP of the department, and a few days later, HR was calling me up with a job offer.


I would be making $11,000 more than I did at my last company. I was stunned.


I've been with the new company for six months now. I've had the chance to update my wardrobe. I have the haircut and color I've always wanted. I'm taking a trip to the Caribbean with my boyfriend this winter.


I still laugh to myself that I made $11,000 off a special deal!


Regardless of your motivation—weight loss, money, or both—if you’re ready to lose some weight, you can try Fitoru! They have a special deal for their products but I’m pretty sure it’s a limited time offer, though, so you may want to hop to it!


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Best thing is there’s no commitment to buy after your first purchase.


I know you’re worth it!

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