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A Dietitian's Advice to Losing Weight

There are tons of diet plans out there that suggest following an eating schedule but how effective are they? Frequently eating and having a meal or snack at certain times of the day could actually be a set back for your weight loss goals.


Fitoru: A Dietitian's Advice to Losing Weight


According to Leslie Langevin, MS, RD, CD of Whole Health Nutrition, consistently eating is not the answer. Instead, eat when you know you're actually hungry. "This is the concept of mindful eating." Every time you go to put something in your mouth, ask yourself if you are hungry."

In order to know when you are actually hungry, you must understand your appetite. Especially since your appetite and weight loss go hand in hand. "Some people have stomach growling, some have salivation and increased food thought," says Langevin. They key is acknowledge your hunger and eating enough to satisfy yourself. Don't wait until you're absolutely starving and experience dizziness. In addition, don't overstuff yourself when you decide to eat to the point where you start to feel sick.



This way, you don't have to keep watching the clock throughout the day and eat something just for the sake of it. This won't benefit you when trying to lose weight. Pay attention to your body and when you do start to feel hungry, go ahead and eat!

However, don't completely rule out having an eating schedule if you tend to skip meals. "I think if you are a person who is a meal skipper or someone who doesn't really feel that hungry, setting times is a good idea," says Langevin. Sometimes we get too busy or our jobs only allow us to eat at certain times. In that case, having a schedule could come in handy but overall being a mindful eater would be most effective to losing weight. (Source: POPSUGAR Fitness)

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