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Stair Workouts Are THE BEST

The most efficient workout with the fastest results is just around your neighborhood!  No, I'm not talking about treadmills or mechanical steps; I'm talking about STAIRS!

Unlike the treadmills, running actual stairs builds up endurance and strength, since you are running against gravity.  It may seem like a lot of hard work, but it definitely has one of the best results!  Running stairs will improve your quads and glutes, since you are adding power to those sections.  You will feel all-around stronger when working on flat-ground workouts.  


Fitoru Stair Workouts


"Running stairs is very similar to running hills," stated John Honerkamp, founder and chief fitness officer at J.R. Honerkamp Consulting in New York.  "You're not able to run up stairs as you can on flats, but you're using your spring muscles and mechanics.  You use your legs more, engage your core more and drive with your arms, so it's a full-body movement."


You will be pushing yourself against gravity on an incline, which makes the workout so effective, even if it's for a short period of time!  With a brief stairs session, it may lead to massive improvements and results.

According to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, women's cardiovascular fitness could improve within six weeks if they run stairs for 10 minutes for three times a week.  


Fitoru Stair Workouts


Here's a helpful guide: it's called the 25-minute Stair Workout

Don't know where to start?  You can check out this guideline on this effective stair workout!  Make sure to run at full speed when climbing up the stairs, and then steadily pace yourself when going down.  This will not only improve your endurance and strength, but also your cardio!

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