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What You Need To Spice Up Your Diet

Many may know of tumeric as the spice responsible for giving curry that bright yellow color but it does so much more than that and should be incorporated into your daily diet. This spice possesses many health benefits ranging from anti-inflammation, weight-loss, detox, and many more.


Fitoru Blog: What You Need To Spice Up Your Diet



Cucurmin, a component of tumeric, has been proven to reduce inflammation in and help with muscle soreness after exercise. Next time your muscles and joints are aching from a workout, try making yourself some tumeric tea!


Fitoru Blog: What You Need To Spice Up Your Diet



Tufts University conducted a study and discovered weight loss benefits in cucurmin. It appears that this ingredient in tumeric can "reduce weight gain in mice and suppress the growth of fat tissue." 


Tumeric is also a great ingredient to get rid of toxins and other impurities in the body. "It's known as a blood purifier - it removes toxins from the blood and aids our liver and kidneys," said Susan Tucker, certified nutrition counselor, health coach and founder of Green Beat Life.  


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