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BHB Oil Powder Strawberry Kiwi

BHB Oil Powder Strawberry Kiwi

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Strawberry Kiwi BHB Oil Powder keeps energy high and cravings low by increasing ketone levels in the blood.

BHB Oil Powder supports your keto diet with exogenous ketones for effortless fat burning. The sweetly tart strawberry kiwi flavor makes it a treat to take, and our optimally formulated FIT-BHB blend keeps your electrolytes in balance for safe and effective ketosis.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Just the right amount of ketones to keep you in ketosis
  • All-day energy, no carbs required
  • Weight loss and easy weight maintenance depending on your goals
  • Reduced cravings and appetite
  • Physical stamina and mental focus that won’t quit
  • Rapid recovery from workouts

It’s as easy as mixing 1 scoop of BHB Oil Powder with 16 ounces of water between meals, on an empty stomach or before a workout. You can take up to 3 servings a day, and the fruity, tangy flavor of strawberry kiwi will leave you wanting more.

What Is Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)?

BHB is a type of ketone your body makes when it starts to shift into ketosis and burn through your fat stores. Your body produces three ketones, actually:

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (makes up 78% of total ketones in your blood)
  • Acetoacetate (makes up 20% of ketones in your blood)
  • Acetone (makes up 2% of ketones in your blood)

Not only is BHB the most abundant in our bodies, but it’s also the most readily available and efficient ketone. BHB crosses the blood brain barrier to fuel your brain and enters muscles so you have the energy to get through your day and power up your workouts.

BHB can also be produced externally as an exogenous ketone. And when you supplement with BHB, you get the same benefits. But you don’t have to wait for your body to ramp up BHB production. Instead, BHB Oil Powder helps you unlock ketosis on your own time.

Why Use BHB Oil?

If you’re a low-carb or keto dieter looking to maximize fat burning as quickly as possible, then our Strawberry Kiwi BHB Oil Powder is for you!

Here’s what happens when you fuel up with BHB Oil Powder. Your body breaks down the BHB into ketones, which travel through your bloodstream all the way to your brain and muscles so that you can get into ketosis and start burning fat quick. Often within 24 hours or less!

And here’s another awesome advantage: you can skip that uncomfortable transition into ketosis. You know what we’re talking about...those flu-like symptoms, fatigue and headaches. BHB Oil Powder gives you a needed boost of energy and supports all your health goals on a keto diet and beyond.

Like all of our BHB Oil Powders, Strawberry Kiwi BHB Oil is naturally flavored with Stevia Leaf Extract, Monk Fruit, Beet Root Powder and other natural flavors.

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