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90 Day Challenge

Program Highlights

  • Balanced eating discussions
  • Diet and Meal Plans
  • 13 Week Workout Schedule
  • Tips to Maximize Weight

Do You Have What It Takes?

Most adults at some point in their life wanted to lose weight. Just like that, most adults found out exactly how hard that is to do. That is exactly why we have launched our "Fitoru 90 Day Challenge." We will provide you the guidance you need to reach your weight loss goals. Our solution has been proven effective for thousands of others just like you by focusing on the following areas:

Maintain a healthy diet

Exercise regularly

Get enough sleep at night

Maximize results with Fitoru

With the 90 Day Challenge, we are here to find your perfect balance for aß healthier and best version of you. We’re asking you to be committed for the 90 days to changing your lifestyle and achieving your weight goal. Getting you in the winning mindset and guiding you with correct eating and workout plans are the ways to get defined arms, toned abdominal, and improved cardiovascular health.


Busy Bees

Busy BeesA perfect daily supplement for ambitious guys and gals who want to look and feel great while handling life like a boss! You’ll burn stubborn fat as you breeze through your day with renewed energy, positivity, strength and endurance.

Multitasking Parents

Are you a busy mom or dad juggling a never-ending mountain of tasks? Keep those balls in the air with supplement support that keeps energy surging and vitality soaring. Your belly and thighs will enjoy the metabolism boost too!


Long days at the office? Fitoru supplements can help enhance your brain health, memory, focus and mental clarity, and give you the energy you need to last through your workday. Fatigue be gone! Plus, you’ll be burning fat at your desk!

Fitness Enthusiasts

Go far with your fitness goals! Achieve noticeably faster results physically AND mentally while increasing stamina, endurance and full-body strength and tone. Whether your goal is weight loss or unbeatable performance, we’ve got your back.


Oh the changes our bodies undergo as we transition from one phase of life to the next. Keep energy high, your metabolism speedy and your immune and digestive systems strong with targeted lifestyle and supplement support. Aging with grace, made easy.

High-Performance Athletes

Your needs are unique, specific and precision based. Keep pushing your personal bests forward with hyper-optimized supplement support and the latest in fitness and nutrition science. Run faster, leap farther and train harder!


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How Fitoru Helps Women Reach Fitness Goals


Join the thousands who are achieving their fitness goals with Fitoru! #fitorufit


I recently started a keto diet and these @fitorufit mct oil softgels are helping me feel really good! They raise my metabolic function, Improve digestion, boost energy and endurance. MCT Oil Softgels are designed to be taken once a day with 8 ounces of water to boost ketone levels and support healthy ketosis! 


These #BHBoil pills help curb appetite + increases ketone levels! I also recommend it for those that need a help in boosting exercise performance + recovery! ⚡️


The appetite control is on point. I have increased my fasting to 20 hours or so without feeling like I’m struggling. I definitely have great energy.


I’m on day 10 and I’m feeling great, physically. These MCT oil capsules have helped me with focus and concentration, energy (fat=fuel), and appetite suppression. I’ve been able to extend my normal 16 hour fasts to 20 or 24 hours with ease! 


I tried them for the first time today, and while it may just be a coincidence I feel way less fatigue than normal! 


I’ve been taking a serving typically when I needed a bit of a boost! I tested my ketones this morning on an empty stomach and my level was at 1.7 mmol/L and 30 minutes after taking two capsules they went up to 2.2 mmol/L.


I love that @fitorufit is in capsule form so my matte lipstick actually stays on at work 😂 and I can take it anytime, anywhere without any tummy problems (and I am pretty sensitive to supplements so this surprised me even while fasting). 


I found they give me an energy boost in the morning, and suppress my appetite a bit when fasting. Im able to comfortably extend my fast till around 2 in the afternoon. I did not notice a large boost in ketones after testing. But they do make me feel good!!


I’m so glad with my busy schedule that I can use a supplement to help get my fat in for the day! These little MCT oil capsules have no taste and are easy to take with you when you need them. 


One pill a day for the past week and a half has helped me tremendously with appetite suppression and the endurance I need for my workouts! 


I have been using it for two weeks now and honestly like them a lot. I’ve noticed more energy when I’m busting out that cardio and I’m not rushing to the fridge for those snacks between meals! 


I realized there are a million company jumping on the BHB train. The reason I really like Fitoru is because it’s a good ratio of all 3 minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium) that are all working together vs just one being the power house. 


What I did notice was I felt less fatigue, I had a much different level of energy just on day one! They also include electrolytes which I struggle to get in everyday! 


I know there are so many benefits of MCT oil but I just can’t stomach BPC! Day 4 and I already have more energy and I’m not starving by lunch time! The past two nights sleep were amazing and I’m thinking it’s because I’m finally utilizing MCT oil! I was able to take this selfie without having any coffee yet!


First of all, some of you may know from my stories that I recently started taking anti-anxiety medication. This has led to a huge increase in hunger, even when I’ve eaten a full day’s macros and calories. But these BHB capsules have helped me curb that hunger! Nice! Also, my friends and coworkers must be sick to death of me complaining how tired I am all the time, but these supplements have given me a nice little energy boost! Lastly, I don’t know if it’s because of this or because I was just due for a whoosh, but my stall broke and I lost 3lbs the past week. Result!


Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that since I am back on the keto train I am also going to be using these BHB Oil Capsules from @fitorufit .


So, these came just in time. I'm trying them out to see if they'll help me get into ketosis any quicker & also to see if they give me more energy. I can tell you I'm usually hesitant to try these kinds of supplements for fear of them making me feel jittery, etc. I took one today & I honestly feel great! 🙌


I was super excited to try the @fitorufit BHB oil. I used them before my workout and could tell a HUGE difference in my energy levels! So great if you want an extra boost in ketones to help you get through your workout without added caffeine! Some of the benefits of these capsules are: increased ketone levels, sustained carb free energy, boosts exercise, performance, and recovery, added minerals help to alleviate Keto flu, and more! 


My morning routine has changed. I no longer wake up to get my coffee. My goal is to do a water fast daily for at least 16 hours.
Now I wake up to drink these mct oil capsules from @fitorufit.

I am on my 10th day of taking these and as promised to you, I wanted to share my experience. 
I have definitely noticed a difference. It has curbed my appetite and has given me the energy for my crazy chaotic daily mom life.
These came at a perfect time. After more than a year on keto, hubby and I decided to look into taking mct oil and am glad this one comes in an easy to take form and not have to mix it into anything.


With this pregnancy it’s nice to not be starving in the morning. I also have my focus back. There are so many awesome benefits to MCT. Including a nice fatty milk supply so I plan on making sure I take these when baby comes too! Never taken MCT oil? I highly recommend it! It’s a tasteless odorless oil. In capsule form like these are easy to take with you on the go.


I wanted the benefits of MCT oil every morning but mixing it into my coffee became a hassle and caused instant issues for my tummy. These were a problem solver!!! Thanks @fitorufit 👍🏼


At first I was kind of skeptical, buuuuuuut...after the first day of taking them I can say I felt a lot of “clean” energy and like I didn’t need as much coffee!


You don’t have to be keto to love the effects of MCT oil. I have been taking these for the last 4 days and they are great. I like the fact that it’s not a messy oil to deal with. 


I love MCT oil because it’s a natural fat source that supports my weight loss and fitness goals. It allows my body an easier time sustaining ketosis, lowers inflammation and helps with the digestive issues that some of us in ketosis have to deal with 🤦🏻‍♀️
Recently, I started using @fitorufit Keto MCT Oil Supplements which have made taking my mct oil sooo much easier! I keep them in my gym bag and take one right after my workouts 🙌🏼 Easy as can be! 


Their BHB oil capsules are meant to increase ketone levels, keep you focused, and help with recovery after workouts(among other things!).


I’ve been taking these for a little less than a month now and I am liking them, I’ve had a slight curb in my appetite & definitely noticed the increase in energy 😁 even got my 🍑 back to working out 💪🏼


I was unsure about trying something new because my body is super sensitive to new products. I heard so many good things about their products however, so I decided to try their BHB oil capsules.
I noticed a marked difference in my alertness after taking the capsules. I’ve been a little off energy wise and these gave me an extra boost. 


These capsules contain magnesium, potassium and sodium. So far they have helped very well in times of need when I’m low in electrolytes.


10/10 recommend these pills. Especially for me, someone going to college this year. Bulletproof coffee isn’t going to be the easiest to make everyday. I would put my MCT oil/powder in my bpc, but these softgels work as an AMAZING replacement for my mct oil! 


So I’ve been taking this BHB oil capsules for 7 days. And let me tell you that I have a lot of more energy while I work out and I’m in a better mood. As well as my appetite isn’t as much as it used to be so it suppresses your appetite. .
So fitoru BHB oil capsules will definitely be added to my daily supplements.


Super excited to try these BHB oil capsules from @fitorufit !! They are suppose to help increase your ketone levels, reduce your appetite, give you energy and boost your exercise performance!! How much better does it get?!


They’ve given me a little more peace of mind that my body is getting the fats it loves and deserves to help me during zero carb week(s). I usually take it right before my protein packed dinners. Easy peasy!


I’ve been taking these #fitoru MCT oil caps (which happen to be made with the best MCT chains C8 & C10, they contain 60% Caprylic Acid (C8) and 40% Capric Acid (C10) for about 2 weeks and I am liking them! I have absolutely noticed an increase in energy, a mild decrease in appetite and I even feel a bit more pumped during my workouts! 


 I can honestly say I love this! MCT oil softgel capsules from @fitorufit. I love that I get my MCT oil in a fast, convenient form. It’s so portable and no need to mix it with anything. There’s no oily residue or after taste to deal with either. Now getting my medium chain triglycerides is so easy! ❤️


I didn’t pack my Mct oil on this trip so I used these keto Mct oil capsules! Way more convenient to pack & it was nice to get my healthy fat in each day even on vaca 🤙🏻 @fitorufit 


It’s been 2 weeks we received @fitorufit for us it suppressed our appetite and got an energy boost. 


These BHB Oil Capsules by @fitorufit have been a lifesaver. They’ve reduced my appetite, given me a sufficient amount of energy and has kept my body in a state of Ketosis! I would definitely recommend that you try these!


I've been taking these everyday for 2 weeks now, and I love them! 
They definitely help increase my energy and concentration. But I also noticed a difference in my appetite. I usually fast 16-18 hours. Now, I fast 20 hours or more, without even trying. 
And the fact that they don't upset my sensitive stomach, is just amazing to me. 
I recommend these to anyone and everyone.
They are truly helping me reach my goals and can help you too. 


@fitorufit BHB Oil Capsules have been sooo helpful both in my Keto diet AND when I decided to switch off Keto! There are so many benefits to this, including a reduced appetite, improved mental and physical performance and (my personal favorite) faster exercise recovery! Even after switching off Keto I’ve contributed my intermittent fasting and these are amazing for keeping me energized during my morning fasting period. It comes in super handy at 5:30am training sessions 😛


I’m so excited to come across these MCT oil capsules for my Keto journey. Getting the added healthy fats into your day can sometimes be hard with Keto. Especially when starting. These are going to make life so easy. Exactly what this mama needs!