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Simple and Convenient Sporty Fitness Tracker Bracelet

Simple and Convenient Sporty Fitness Tracker Bracelet

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Simple and Excellent

Our Fitness Tracker Bracelet is made of environmentally-friendly silicon material, for a remarkably comfortable fit. 

Two buttons make it easy to operate.

Silica band material and rubber case material make it durable and hygienic.


  1. Track your steps, distance and calories burned
  2. 5-digit LCD display
  3. Counter/steps counter display with scope from 0 to 99,999
  4. Distance measuring (miles and km)
  5. Calories burned
  6. Steps, distance and weight setup

Our Fitness Tracker Bracelet will show these functions one by one if you press MODE twice.

Time Setup

Press SET to confirm the unit. The time will show 12:00 A; press SET for a few seconds until you see the 12 HR clicker. If you want to adjust to 24 HR, then just press MODE. Press SET to confirm setting. The hour will flicker. To adjust, press MODE (A is AM and P is PM), then press SET to confirm. The minute will flicker. To adjust, press MODE then press SET to confirm. 

Foot Steps Setup

Press the MODE button twice. It will show 0.00 miles. Press the SET button for 2 seconds and it will show 24 in. Press MODE to choose footsteps from 10-80 in, each time you press MODE it will add 20 in. If you choose miles, the footsteps are from 30-200 cm. Each time you press MODE it will add 5 cm. Press SET to confirm.

Weight Setup

Press the MODE button three times in time display UI. It will show 0.0 and in 2 minutes, it will show 130. You can choose your weight from 70-50. If you prefer KG, you can choose your weight from 30-120 KG; adjust by clicking MODE and it will add 2 KG for each press. Press SET to confirm.

Buttons Function

Two buttons, Mode/adj, Set/reset

Model/Adj: Clock and steps counter function choose and adjust.

Set/Reset: Clock and steps counter function setup and reset steps counter.

How to Use

  1. Switching from meter to inch: LCD display will flicker if the device has power. Press MODE to choose meter or inch then press SET to confirm. If you want to choose a different unit, unload the battery again to operate.
  1. Switch from mile and inch: A: Line up choice. B: Press button. C: Press MODE for 6 seconds and it will automatically switch.
  1. Reset: Press MODE button. It will show 0 (meaning the steps are at 0). If it is not 0, then reset.




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